The Journey to Sustainable Flower Farming

Maru’s cut flower journey began at her first job after college. She learned about flowers, varieties, post-harvest and logistics while working for a large rose grower in Mexico, which sold to wholesalers in the US and Canada. Later, she moved to Chicago where she became a buyer for a floral bouquet operation that catered to supermarkets. During this time, she observed the extensive journey of imported flowers and the strict spraying schedules required to pass border inspections and prevent diseases and pests in the vast flower fields. Unfortunately, flowers purchased in grocery stores today sometimes last half as long as locally grown flowers. Two decades later, Maru became enamored with flower farming on her own terms. Bringing joy to others by growing long-lasting and sustainable flowers is a dream come true.

Monarch Beauty is a Model of Sustainable Urban Agriculture

Monarch Beauty Farm was founded in the bustling urban hub of Chicago & Northside.  Maru’s aim was to create an environment that supports the local bee and pollinator population. The project began small, by transforming a parkway into a farmette with raised beds that produced cut flowers. Today, Monarch Beauty Farm boasts several hyper-local residential gardens that utilize regenerative practices, native plants, and integrated pest management to grow flowers in harmony with nature. We minimize our carbon footprint by using packaging that is recyclable and home compostable.