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What is a CSA and where do we find your flowers?

We primarily cater to CSA customers (Flower Club members). CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture where members invest in flower shares in advance with the promise they will receive the freshest and nicest blooms we grow in the form of flower bouquets. We also sell our bouquets at specialty markets, and through retail partners. Follow us on Instagram to stay informed,

Can we order a-la-carte flower bouquets?

Yes, that is possible. We simply need 24 hours advance notice during production months.  We offer hand-tied bouquets and small table arrangements at different price points. For small special events, please contact us four weeks in advance.

What are your growing practices?

Monarch Beauty Farm manages several hyper-local residential gardens that utilize organic methods, regenerative practices, the inclusion of native plants, and integrated pest management to grow flowers in harmony with nature.

How long is your season?

We grow local flowers almost year-round. Our blooms can be enjoyed January through September. Our winter crop focuses on tulips. Our Spring offering consists of delicate flowers such as daffodils, anemones, and ranunculus. Summer and early fall are packed with abundance.  We are happy to offer these magical, and specialty flowers that bring joy to everyone!

What are specialty flowers?

These are flowers that are not commonly seen in supermarket chains. We grow the newest colors and varieties to delight and surprise customers with each delivery. Many of these flowers are hard to ship internationally or across the country because they tend to break or bruise easily during shipping and handling. By growing these beautiful flowers locally, we set ourselves apart from the imported flowers found at grocery chains. Our seed selection is curated to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

How do you grow your winter tulips?

Learn about our Winter Tulip program here

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