Our commitment to the support the four pillars of sustainability is genuine, as we aim to cultivate tulips locally during the winter months. This approach has numerous benefits.

First, in response to the social pillar, we are collaborating with other local small businesses to reduce our carbon miles by offering pick up options for City residents. These specialty tulips are also accessible to the community, outside the CSA program, through community markets, special events, and a-la-carte orders.

Second, we support the economic pillar by working with local and diverse suppliers to build digital and physical infrastructure for this program. In addition, we are adding a specialty product in local retail shops, which increases the foot traffic and visibility of our partner locations.

Third, the human pillar is influenced by offering a local alternative to imported flowers which are heavily sprayed and fertilized to maximize production. In many instances, the USDA fumigates imported flowers at the port of entry to protect US crops from undesirable pests. People with allergies suffer from this exposure. Imported roses, especially around the holidays, are at least three weeks old, which causes them to die and lose their vibrant colors soon after purchase. Monarch Beauty Farm’s pesticide free and a long lasting tulips bring more value and peace of mind to consumers.

Fourth, we support the environmental pillar by ecologically cultivating tulip bulbs without polluting our local water with fertilizers, and by using a recyclable paper sleeve in our packaging. At the end of their life cycle, Monarch Beauty Farm composts all the tulip bulbs, which provides a circular option for our outdoor operation.

We hope this colorful program will help people combat the winter blues. Who doesn’t want to see Spring in Winter? Our goal for 2024 is to force 3,500 tulips for blooms January through April.

The tulips are grown hydroponically indoors with minimal inputs such as LED lights and water. We grow tulips as an annual crop, and we only work with the highest quality bulbs and advanced techniques to produce beautiful and long lasting flowers.

Somebody asked if the bulbs can be reused at the end of their harvest cycle. In order for tulips to flower again, the foliage needs to remain for at least a couple of months absorbing the sunlight to replenish the bulb. Tulip growers need the entire tulip stem for bouquets. For that reason, our bulbs are not viable for reuse, but they are perfect for a compost system, which closes the loop in our outdoor gardens.

By choosing our locally grown tulips, customers can enjoy our flowers for 6-9 days, if, they are kept away from heat sources, and sunny windows. Tulips need clean water two days, and the stems cut with every water change. CSA customers enjoy a farm to vase experience which guarantees the freshest blooms of the season. Our tulips come in various interesting forms, including specialty doubles, parrots, and fringed tulips.

We are excited to offer these fantastic and unique flowers to our vibrant community, Flower Club members, and designers.

You can find our winter tulips at The Eco Flamingo. We bring fresh deliveries every Friday. In addition, we are a vendor at the Eco Farm Stand on Sundays, next to the store.

For Valentine’s Day, you will be able to order flowers from our website for pick up in Ravenswood. We are also collaborating with three retail shops for Valentine’s Day:

iD Chicago – Bucktown

The Eco Flamingo – Lincoln Square

The Refilleri – West Town

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