Meet Our Team

The BRIGITTE G. HOUSE OF HOPE FOUNDATION was founded in memory of Brigitte Godfrey who passed away in 2013. Brigitte Godfrey was an unsung hero, friend to the community, and a lifelong advocate of reaching out to youth. For decades, Ms. Godfrey was well-known in her community for her tireless kindness and goodwill. Among many offerings of charity, she fed needy youth, and provided them with backpacks and school supplies.

Our team has over 20 years of Community building, and unique expertise geared to serve the needs of our constituents and patrons that we serve.

Mario Godfrey (President)

The BRIGITTE G. HOUSE OF HOPE was founded by Mario “Rio” Godfrey, the only child of Brigitte Godfrey, who strives to carry on his mother’s legacy of outreach to the youth. After years of challenges, God saw fit to re-direct my path into positive ventures. I have a strong passion for our communities youth. It is my mission to input, all positive energy into our youth, creating future role models geared towards entrepreneurship. I promise to put 110% into this organization, and to do my calling which is outreach around the world. No Weapons formed against me shall prosper. Isiah 54:17

Shynikqua Rome (Vice President)

As a mother who loves children, I helped form this organization because I want to see all children reach their full potential. We want to provide programs and resources in urban areas that will benefit everyone in the community. I am loving, kind hearted, and very compassionate about helping others. I plan to invest my knowledge and love into each and every person that crosses our threshold. “Let all that you do be done in Love “ 1 Corinthians 16:14

Donzell Taylor (Motivation Speaker)

I’m Donzell born and raised on the West side of Chicago to drug addicted parents. This led me to a life of crime, doing 21 years of my life in prison. Now I love giving back to the community, but most of all the youth. It’s not about where u been but were u going.

Larhonda Williams (Treasurer)

My purpose to this organization is to use my gifts and skills to reach out to under privileged children from different backgrounds as well as my community. I hope and pray this opportunity allows me to become elevated to the next level.

Lorraine Hearn (Executive Secretary)

My purpose in life is to encourage and support others to reach their full potential . This foundation has given me the opportunity to do so! I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

Darius Nix (Non Profit Consultant)

Darius Yorel Nix, best known as Dee Nix, is the ultimate example of possibility. For this reason, he understands the plights that seek to threaten the communities that he grew up in and the same ones where he has served as an educator for the past 18 years. Running for the 1st Congressional District of Illinois is anchored in his compassion to see the youth of those vulnerable neighborhoods, who are often overlooked, have access to the same tools as their counterparts so that they can compete on global levels.